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A Red Flag Flying

4.8 ( 9968 ratings )
Desarrollador Jarle Berntsen
4.99 USD

A Red Flag Flying  is  the App that’s lets you track your girlfriends period so you can plan around and survive the monthly She-Tornado.
“Cindy” is the girl on the App and has 3 coloured attitudes that appear on the calendar and App so you know when it’s safe to go near your girl.
The Green” Cindy “ is “Good to Go “ and on  these days “Cindy” has a green background is sexy and alluring beckoning to you and you are good to go.
The Orange “Cindy” is “Baby Danger “and on these days “Cindy” has a orange background and holding up a baby means your girl is ovulating( egg dropped and waiting for a white tadpole)and if you follow through on these days  you could be a father!!so be careful. A push alert is sent on these days.
The Red “Cindy” is a Red Flag Flying and on these days “Cindy” has a red background and has her arms crossed. This is a time to be very very nice to her.. or better still.. be somewhere else! . A push alert is sent on these days.
The calendar can be re-set at any time by setting “D’Day” which is the first day of your girls period a red “Cindy” will appear( this can be found out by discreet enquiries to your girl) on the home page of the App and all Red days through the calendar..
Push alerts will be sent on all Red and Orange days and the calendar will reset every 3 months to maintain accuracy & you can reset it at any time.
Good luck guys and remember when there is a Red Flag Flying get out of  town!